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7 Tips on Buying a Cheap House

By | January 8, 2018
Tips Buying Cheap Home

Tips Buying Cheap Home

In buying a residential home of course should not be arbitrary, we need to see comfort and security.

Is the house flood-free? Are public facilities widely available near home locations? Is the environment around the house a clean and friendly environment? Is the house building strong? And many other questions as a consideration to buy a home.

However, if still confused to get a cheap house, here are 7 tips, hopefully useful:

1. Find Older Somewhat Old House

Older houses are usually cheaper. you can look for a house that is old but still decent to live in.

Before choosing this old house, we also have to take into account also the cost of repairs that are definitely needed later.

2. Buy a suburb

It’s been hard to find a cheap house in a downtown area like Jakarta. We recommend switching the search to the suburbs.

Prices in this suburb are usually much cheaper than in downtown. In addition, the formerly perceived location will feel close, as time goes by and the development of the region.

3. Buy Auction Houses

The auction house is usually done by the bank when the debtor is unable to pay the mortgage. Therefore, the price of this auction house is usually cheaper than ordinary used houses. Should not just target a single house at this auction, given the number of buyers who are also targeting the auction house.

4. Buy the Owner’s Own House

By buying a house directly from the owner, we can save because the owner does not need to pay commissions for intermediaries. And also can be more free to bargain the price. Do not forget to ask the reason why they sold the house.

5. Spend Time For Research

Taking the time to do research on home market prices can also help in buying a home for a cheap price. Do not forget to compare the various offers and mortgage rates offered.

6. Use the trick over credit to get a cheap house

One of the tricks that can be used to get a cheap house is to find a house that overlaps the credit. Home by way of purchased with this system of over credit, it is sometimes there, and sometimes we are also a bit hard to find it.

To find the information of the house that diover credit we can look at various media such as newspapers or googling on the internet.

But there is the most powerful way in finding a home with over credit method is to ask for information directly to banks that usually make home mortgages. Sometimes they do have land or housing products that usually ask for credit. Sometimes it is banks that make these mortgages, have customers who can not afford to pay or continue the credit home.

7. Buy a house for people who are pressed for quick or instant money

The next simple tirk to buy a house in a cheap way is by utilizing the urgent need of money, aka looking for people who want to sell their house quickly because it needs a shortage of instant money. It is not a guarantee when we want to buy a house with a cepet system like this, get the cheapest price. But it is well known that if conditions like this, we will be easier in mengoisasi about price.

Hopefully the above tips useful for you in finding cheap homes and dream house hunt!

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